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Free games is the best online Free games website in English. Here you will be able to play free online games and online flash video games without having to install anything on your computer. What are you waiting for?


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Asha Juwels

 asha juwels game PLAY ►

What a challenge! Asha Juwels is a fast and addictive game to control the diamonds in the field. Can you stand the pressure? Instructions: replace the diamonds in the playing field to get 3 in a horizontal or vertical line. Larger lines give extra points! Fill the diamond meter for the bonus and to proceed to the next level.

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In we always like to offer you a wide variety of different types of games and you must not register or pay anything, just play on your internet browser. Playing for free is now possible thanks to Gifmania.

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No matter the topics you like, we have the game you are looking for. Thousands of games of all types are waiting for you in our great data base. And remember that, if you have a game that is not in our data base, you can send it on the social networks.



Our site has a total of 3619 games available for you to play when you want. Thousands of players have already been to our website and played a lot. Are you going to participate? We have a total of 71.137.574 games played to this day!

The last novelties in free games

Monsters killer PLAY ►

Role-playing games

Become the best hunter of monsters and battle against these dark creatures in the style of rpg games. Before each game, you must choose your team and buy weapons, and then select the place of combat. To defeat the monster, takes skill combinations selecting the same attacks that are aligned.

Ambulance driver PLAY ►

Truck games

In this game you have to be fast driving as you save the lives of patients. You must drive an ambulance from one hospital to another. The first round must go quickly to pick up the patient. The second round have to go with caution, since the patient can not suffer any accident. It is controlled with the arrow keys of keyboard.

Chef restaurant PLAY ►

Waitress games

The main objective of the game is to get 3 Michelin stars for the restaurant to become the most famous. You have to order the chef to prepare the dishes that customers wishing to eat. You have to buy different appliances and collect the necessary ingredients to prepare different dishes from the menu.

Submarine treasure hunter PLAY ►

Boat games

A play of a submarine that has to find a treasure in a cave under the sea. You have to control a small submarine under the deep sea with the keyboard of your computer. In marine rock tunnels, you will find different obstacles like mines, blades and monsters that you must avoid to achieve your goal. Find the three hidden stars.

Zombie attack PLAY ►

Bloody games

Zombies are attacking the princess tower and you must stop the different waves of monsters that appear. You control a gunman wearing a hat that moves through the area and shoot the monsters. To move using the WASD keys and aim and shoot using the computer mouse. Prove you are able to keep the princess safe.

The novelties that we have added in the flash files on the last days to the Gifmania network, do not forget to come here every day to see our newest contents. With us you will always have fun, and playing with us is free! A great collection of free flash games to play online on the Internet. Every day we update the collection with new issues as they are fashionable. We have categories such as cartoons, sports, movies, cars, airplanes, hunting, clothing, makeup, caring people, paint, look for differences and much more. Usual activities, now at your disposal on your own computer, without having to search. We overcame every day we record the content and current subjects more so you can play on our website every day. Everything you do on this website is always free and not have to make any charge for our services. All our content is classified and have more than 100 categories according to subjects, sure to find what you're looking for. Do not you want to start playing now?

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