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Free Games is the best online Free games website in English. Here you will be able to play free online games and online flash video games without having to install anything on your computer. What are you waiting for?


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Whooly & the Lost Treasures game

 Whooly & the Lost Treasures game PLAY ►

This is Whooly, a not too smart fox, with a fantastic imagination. Join this fun game as Whooly tries to find an exit from an unknown world, and does battle with a series of intimidating enemies. With your help Whooly can get out of this terrible maze. He must learn to follow his animal instinct. Instructions: use the arrows keys to move, the space ... Read more

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In we always like to offer you a wide variety of different types of games and you must not register or pay anything, just play on your internet browser. Playing for free is now possible thanks to If you want to contact us you can find us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.


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No matter the topics you like, we have the game you are looking for. Thousands of games of all types are waiting for you in our great data base. And remember that, if you have a game that is not in our data base, you can send it on the social networks.



Our site has a total of 3575 games available for you to play when you want. Thousands of players have already been to our website and played a lot. Are you going to participate? We have a total of 69.259.075 games played to this day!

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Stealing like a thief PLAY ►

Adventure Games

Have a girlfriend who wants expensive things. To marry her you have to buy jewelry, cars and expensive items. Need money we do not have, so you have to steal to get money. You have to steal across the city. Sign in houses and collect money in the street. You have to dodge the police, which monitors the safety of the city. Escape the police car to the next section to continue stealing. On each screen buy what your girlfriend asks you to marry her at the end of the game.

Calculate the path PLAY ►

Brain Teaser Games

This is a world of blocks. Platform surfaces have a blue color. You have to move your block to get to the yellow surface. You have to roll the figure to reach the yellow square and fall in the right way. If it does not fit, your block will explode. You have to calculate the safe way to fit on end. A game of logic and calculation, the path and the position must be accurate. Follow the path of blue tiles to reach the goal.

Ball of Basketball PLAY ►

Basketball Games

Click on the ball to make it move in the direction you want. You have 30 seconds to make as many successful shots as possible. In this game you have to click on the ball to make this jump and move. You have to give a boost to get to the basket. You have 30 seconds to get get the ball into the basket as many times as you can. The more times between the ball in the basket more points you get. The left mouse button is used to shoot the ball at the basket. You have to make the ball jump to get to the rim. Use the mouse to move the ball throughout the game screen. Good luck with the shots.

Labyrinth of the astronaut PLAY ►

IQ and Intelligence Games

We have an astronaut who is trapped inside a maze. Each of the screens is a test of your intelligence. You have to clear the way so that the astronaut can happen. You have to remove obstacles to move on. You have to calculate the route, knowing that you can remove and what not. There are dangers that you must dodge and the point where you can not pass. Everything is explained in the game and in your language. Must take our friend to the exit.

Illegal motorcycle race PLAY ►

Motorbike Games

The best game in 3D motorcycle racing. Start by selecting the stage for competition. Have all the settings at your disposal, from desert to urban circuits that are so fashionable now. You have to run at full speed and dodge cars and vehicles on the road. It is an illegal race, so there are all kinds of vehicles in your way. You have to dodge all the obstacles that the game puts you. Control the bike with the arrow keys on your keyboard and win competition.

The novelties that we have added in the flash files on the last days to the Gifmania network, do not forget to come here every day to see our newest contents. With us you will always have fun, and playing with us is free! A great collection of free flash games to play online on the Internet. Every day we update the collection with new issues as they are fashionable. We have categories such as cartoons, sports, movies, cars, airplanes, hunting, clothing, makeup, caring people, paint, look for differences and much more. Usual activities, now at your disposal on your own computer, without having to search. We overcame every day we record the content and current subjects more so you can play on our website every day. Everything you do on this website is always free and not have to make any charge for our services. All our content is classified and have more than 100 categories according to subjects, sure to find what you're looking for. Do not you want to start playing now?

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