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Arcade action game

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The objective of this free online game is to destroy enemies and stay alive for as long as possible. Since your ship fires automatically, you can focus your attention on not getting hit. Some enemies will split into multiple enemies when hit. Don't hit too many of them at a time, or it will be difficult to avoid them all. Collect powerups whenever possible. Don't hesitate to use bombs if you need to. Use the WASD or Arrow Keys to move your ship. Use the mouse to aim. Points are scored when an enemy is destroyed. Taking out multiple enemies in quick succession will create combos which will boost your score.

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Arcade Action

Each gun is effective against different enemies. Don't pick up a gun powerup if the gun you already have is going to be more use in the current situation. Powerups are lost when you die, so make sure you use any stored powerups before it's too late. Only one powerup can be stored at a time, make sure you use your current one before picking up another. You have a short period of invincibility after re-spawning. Use this to collect powerups in dangerous positions. Take out the more dangerous enemies first to give yourself an easier time with the weaker ones. Killing enemies in quick succession increases your multiplier bonus, giving you higher scores. Certain enemies have times when they are more venerable. Use these opportunities to get in close and take them out. Avoid the edges of the screen where possible to ensure you have plenty of time to react to what's coming.

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Arcade Action

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