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Wild West

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Wild west

Wild West Rating: 7/10

Wild west game

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Action game in which you have to scroll through screens one by one to go kill the enemies. In each level you will find new weapons to fight. Shoot gun or hit with a stick. You have different options and have to overcome many screens. A trip through the remote and wild western United States with thieves, policemen and outlaws. Walking a labyrinth of scenery as the desiento or caves to beat each level. Get all gold awards and you'll find along the way.

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Played 7516 times
Wild West

In this game you have to reach as far and get all the gold you can. Each enemy you kill will give you coins as a reward. You have to hit or shoot the enemies that appear to pass each level. The main character is an outlaw and thief evil. The protagonist is a cactus that is a person. Browse all Wild West landscapes and gets beat all the levels. Play with your name and overcome all challenges in the game.

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Wild West

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