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Cut the rope of the gallows

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Cut the rope of the gallows

Cut the rope of the gallows Rating: 5/10

Cut the rope of the gallows game

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Prove your aim with the bow, as you have to cut the rope of the gallows where are your friends with a shot with arrow without hurting them. You have to aim the bow and shoot the arrow in the direction and the force required to cut the rope holding them. You have to be careful not to hurt your friends with arrows, three strokes they die. You can use your gun to kill the executioners who watch the gallows. You have a limited time for each screen. Liberate your friends and show your aim with bow and arrow.

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Played 7630 times
Cut the rope of the gallows

Game of skill and accuracy in which you use the bow. You have to aim precisely and calculate the direction and strength necessary good. You have to cut the rope that is hanging where your friends are. You can use the weapon to kill the executioners having your imprisoned friends. Cut the ropes before suffocating, you have a limited time to pass each screen. You have to free your friends before they drown. There is a time limit to pass each level and that all the characters are released unharmed.

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Cut the rope of the gallows

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