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Killer kitten

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Killer kitten game

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In this free online game, you will play as a cute kitty. When you start you will be given 2 minutes to kill as many mice and hamsters as you can. Each kill will give you back a small amount of time. Getting kills in rapid succession will increase your multiplier. Kill the requisite number of enemies before time runs out in order to keep playing. Use the arrow keys to move, and use the space bar combined with the arrow keys to perform special moves.

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This game has been played 6837 times online. Ranking 3525 of the best free games.


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Played 6837 times
Killer Kitten

Use the arrow keys to move, but when you use them in combination with the space bar, you end up performing a special move that may help you. Especially when you are surrounded by hamsters and you don't know where to go. Use the left and right keys in combination with the space bar to perform a dash. Use the up arrow key and the space bar to use the tornado. Use the down key and the space bar to use the grinder. If you use the space bar in the air, you will perform a super-dash.

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Killer Kitten

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