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Puzzle Avatar: Neytiri

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Puzzle Avatar: Neytiri

Puzzle Avatar: Neytiri Rating: 4/10

Puzzle Avatar: Neytiri game

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In this free browser game, you have to make a puzzle of Neytiri. The protagonist of the movie Avatar. To make the puzzle, you have to click and drag pieces (with the mouse) to fit. The objective of the game is to re- view image full. To play you must drag the pieces with the mouse to fit other until you find the right place. An entertaining game with a character of the highest grossing film of all time.

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Played 12188 times
Puzzle Avatar: Neytiri

Neytiri is the lead female character in the movie Avatar. A love story and ecology. Humans have come to a distant planet for a rare metal needed to manufacture weapons. There beings who do not want to live human presence. They have created a hybrid beings to facilitate coexistence. The story as a military arrives to this world by accident. There he falls in love with the girl in the picture, who is the daughter of the leader of the extraterrestrial. Start a war for control of the territory and he has to choose one side or another.

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Puzzle Avatar: Neytiri

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