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Crazy Ball and Gravity

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Crazy ball and gravity

Crazy Ball and Gravity Rating: 5/10

Crazy ball and gravity game

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The objective of this free online game is to basically bounce on the paddles to collect the orbs in each level. If the ball is somewhere beneath the half of the screen, the ball will fall down. If it crosses the line that divides the screen horizontally, then the gravity will change, and the ball will fall upwards. You will be able to guide the ball using the arrow keys, but keep in mind that gravity is stronger than your boosters, and you will eventually fall, so be careful not to fall on the red walls. If you want to reach the opposite half of the screen on which you are on, use the arrow keys to guide the ball.

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Played 6854 times
Crazy Ball and Gravity

The red walls will kill you, so don't touch them. Hold up to reach the upper half of the screen. Be careful, because the gravity in the upper half is opposite of that in the lower half. There are some types of orbs that you need to touch more than once to collect. Watch your energy bar. If it is depleted, you will lose. Collect the energy orbs that randomly appear on the screen to replenish your energy.

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Crazy Ball and Gravity

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