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BasketBall Challenge

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Basketball challenge

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Basketball challenge game

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You have to play against the clock and try to get as many baskets as you can before time runs out. The ball you control with the mouse. You can scroll up and down and left to right. Do not mind losing the ball, not penalized, but if by chance the ball goes through the basket in the opposite direction you subtract one point. Use the pointer to push the ball and make it bounce. You can throw the ball as hard as you want if you bounce. You have to make the ball go through the hoop dunk pair and get the points. A game for basketball fans, because you have to have much control.

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Played 25450 times
BasketBall Challenge

Game where you have to put all the baskets as possible in the shortest time possible. You control the ball with a pointer, you have to make this boat to go up and pass above the rim. You need to have a lot of skill and control to get the points. The basketball goes crazy and starts bouncing around the screen and it is difficult to bring it into the basket. The game is fun and for all ages, although sometimes hard to control the movements, because the ball tends to go in all directions.

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BasketBall Challenge

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