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Fictional Characters in Action

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Fictional Characters in Action

Fictional Characters in Action Rating: 5/10

Fictional Characters in Action game

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In this game, you have to choose a couple among these (Pen-Jake, Light-L, Batman-Superman, House-Wilson, Will-Carltoon, Conan-Max, Tyler-Jack and Stewart-Colbert) to attack your enemies and find an object that the computer says to you. You use the right/left arrows to move, the up arrow to jump, the down arrow to crouch, the letter S to punch, the letter A to kick and the letters D to switch). You pass level when you have killed your enemies and you lose the game when one of the members of the couple is dead.

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Played 14319 times
Fictional Characters in Action

Batman, Superman, House, Will Smith,

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Fictional Characters in Action

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