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3-in-line Halloween

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3-in-line Halloween

3-in-line Halloween Rating: 6/10

3-in-line Halloween game

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In this fun and addictive game to align objects, you have to play this game online belejewed type with various elements of Halloween (ghosts, pumpkins, witches, black cats and other terrifying objects). To do this, click with the mouse on an item and then click on another element that is next to yours to be exchanged, horizontally or vertically, to get them to line up three or more identical items. Every time you get this, your score points that allow you to go up level. Now that you know how to play, and only up to you the result. How high can you go?

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Played 13583 times
3-in-line Halloween

In this Halloween-themed bejeweled terrifying symbols like ghosts, monstrous hands, witch cauldrons, black cats, Frankenstein, crystal balls, pumpkins and monsters for you to use as icons in this game about align 3 identical figures. You can also enable or disable the sounds as you like. All items listed have something to do with the holiday of Halloween, which is celebrated on the night of October 31, known as the all hallow’s eve. On that night, all kinds of monsters, witches or ghosts are the reason for the costumes of millions of children who want to have fun and get collect many trinkets and candy, scaring adults.

What is this game about? This is a free game called 3-in-line Halloween for your browser without having to download or install anything, it is completely reliable. On this website you will be able to play for free this Bejeweled flash game called 3-in-line Halloween. And remember this is a free game called 3-in-line Halloween and it is related to Bejeweled. Our new game 3-in-line Halloween is one of the best games of Bejeweled you can find and you can share it with your friends and contacts on the social networks. This is an online game and video game called 3-in-line Halloween that we invite you to play, enjoy and learn about it as well as to share in the comments and with your friends on the social networks.

3-in-line Halloween

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