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Bratz traditional costumes

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Although the Bratz dolls are always dressed in modern clothes, in this game you can dress up this Bratz with different outfits of ancient times. They are set in different fashion past dresses. Some of these traditional dresses are inspired by the fashion of the Victorian epoque. In the world of anime and manga are ... Read more

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Play free Online Games in English. Activities of fashion, love or fun with the characters in the collection of dolls Bratz. Bratz fashion dolls. They are a collection of dolls as girls with very striking ways. This collection changed the concept of doll that had until then, it was the Barbie doll com sweet and with many stereotypes. These dolls were female, but active, aggressive. Modern, athletes, independent. They changed the concept that had so far to become a benchmark for girls. Interested in fashion. With much modern wardrobe. Games to dress up the Bratz. Games Makeover the Bratz. The main bratz are Cloe white, Yasmin is Hispanic, is Asian Jade and Sasha is African American.

Bratz Free Games which are really funny to play free Bratz flash games. This category is related to bratz dolls are characterized by their large heads. they have very large eyes almond shaped, broad lips, a small nose, a short body. all races are represented in them. they wear very fashionable and wear a lot of makeup. the five main characters were yasmin, sasha, cloe, jade and meygan. it is a model based on urban fashion. independent and active women. very modern lines. forms feminine but with more emphasis on fashion and appearance. there is also a collection that are figures of boys. they are the girls favorite toy of half the world and has eclipsed other dolls that were sold forever. the characters were the actors in various movies, the animated series and various video games produced on their behalf. they remain a popular collection as a toy for girls and are still sold.. Here you will find Bratz free games to play in English without having to install or download anything on your computer, our contents are 100% reliable. New Bratz games that are updated every day and the best games for children. Bratz daily free games and video games that you can use from your computer and share them with your friends and contacts on the social networks as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.