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dressing a fashion Bratz doll

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dressing a fashion Bratz doll

Dressing a fashion Bratz doll Rating: 3/10

dressing a fashion Bratz doll game

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In this game you have to choose one of the three Bratz dolls available with your mouse to dress fashionably with all the clothes inside the Christmas packages. To do this, click on the gifts packages on the side, with the mouse, you are on the right side of the wrist and go with wearing clothes you appear, by clicking with the mouse is put on the model. You have to make a set that is original and colorist for each of the models. You can repeat the game as many times you want to make different creations.

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Played 39560 times
dressing a fashion Bratz doll

Flash game of toys where you have to dress the fashion Bratz dolls. Video game of the Bratz dolls with Luna, Yuki, Suzie as the most famous dolls. A fashionable activity in which you have to choose from all the clothes and fashion accessories for the model. You have to start the game by choosing one of the three girls to be your model. You have to go opening the boxes on the right contain different types of clothes.

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dressing a fashion Bratz doll

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