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Daytona game

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Car game in which you have to run a car race for the famous race at Daytona, Florida, United States. Join the Daytona race with your own car with your own. You will to practice your skill with the controls. Use the arrow keys to move the car on the race track. Drive the vehicle on the circuit and reach the goal in the shortest time possible. Have a timer to help you measure your results. Play this car race. Just like the Daytona 500! Use the arrow keys to steer your car and win the race. Reach the goal in the less time as you can.

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Played 22495 times

Daytona is a race that is in the town of the same name in Florida, United States. It is famous for the racing of vehicles on the beach sand were held. It has a very compact and particularly hard sand allowing moving vehicles on it without problems. As had competitions on the beach, as many competitions attracted famous racing circuit you built. An oval path to make driving practices. A simple activity that serves to help coordinate with keyboard keys.

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