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Clean the pool

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Clean the pool game

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In this game you must sort and clean a pool to be ready for summer. To perform this task you must deposit every object in its corresponding container. In the above goes clothes, go central pool toys, and supplements (glasses, sandals, hats...) and in the red container go rubbish and waste. To collect green leaves, which are smaller, you should use the vacuum, and collect puddles of water to use the mop. You must do it quickly so you do not run out of time before finishing your homework.

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clean the pool

The pools are a very common entertainment during the summer months. In them, the children play and have fun with your friends lie to give a refreshing bath. But the pools involve a number of maintenance tasks. Among them is the task of maintaining clean and perfect condition so that the pool can be used comfortably. Containing water should also be clean, so that the treatment plants are installed, which filter and purify water.

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clean the pool

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