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Kill dragons

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Kill dragons game

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This free online game is about killing dragons. They intend to destroy the castle, and because they can fly, they have far more advantage than you. So, in order to defeat them, you will need a siege weapon. Aim with your mouse, click and hold the primary button, and release it when you think you have gathered the right amount of power. The arrow will go from left to right in a parabolic shot, so keep that in mind when you aim. The arrow is from left to right on a parabolic shot, so keep that in mind when you are pointing and hit about dragons. Kill all the dragons before they reach the castle.

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Played 10673 times
Kill Dragons

In this game you have to kill the dragons that attack the castle. The dragons come flying and you have to shoot arrows to kill the enemies. If you hit them squarely not kill. Remember that in each level you will be rewarded with coins that you can then use to upgrade your equipment, repair, or even make new equipment. These fantastic animals attack in groups, are flying from the right side of the screen and on the left you have to shoot arrows. When you hit on a dragon that drops dead on the waters of the sea where floats to the next screen. Kill all the dragons and keep peace and security in the castle.

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Kill Dragons

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