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High School Escape

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High school escape

High School Escape Rating: 7/10

High school escape game

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Help Phil to escape from the high school in this free online game. You have to be very aware of everything around you to grab objects that you can serve some purpose. There are many mysteries to discover in this game, so it looks good every detail of every room of the institute, and may well get out of school early. Have fun and test your detective skills shrewdly observing all the details.

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This game has been played 9718 times online. Ranking 2763 of the best free games.


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Played 9718 times
High School Escape

The escape games have a simple dynamic, but very laborious. You have to look at the stage and interact with everything we can, especially for react objects and to collect items that may serve later.

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High School Escape

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