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Stickmen Fight

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Stickmen fight

Stickmen Fight Rating: 5/10

Stickmen fight game

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This free online game is the ultimate stickman fighting game experience. Win three fights to move on to the next opponent. After each fight, you will recieve additional points that you can use to boost your drone. You can play with the computer or with a friend on the same keyboard. For player 1, use the arrow keys and the 0, 1, 2 and 3 keys. For player 2, use the WASD, J, K, L and N keys.

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This game has been played 8245 times online. Ranking 3207 of the best free games.


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Played 8245 times
Stickmen Fight

A drone is, in general, a robot designed to do things that humans normally cannot do. In this case, if you want to make it into a fight-to-the-death tournament, then you should better equip a drone with weapons, upgrade it, and then send it to the battle.

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Stickmen Fight

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