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Air defense

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Air defense game

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We go back to the Second World War. Fly a fighter plane that runs through the enemy territory destroying all facilities of opposites, such as arms depots, trucks, houses, planes, airships, boats and all other things that you find. Use the mouse to control the movement of the ship and shoot clicking. A very easy game to control. The graphics have great quality. Look at the explosion of the enemies when they are reached by your equipment. Make this your only war that recalls the story of the battles.

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Played 7928 times
Air defense

An aerial battle for the skies of enemy territory. You must infiltrate the ground all you can. The object of your mission is to get as far as possible and destroy all the infrastructure you can. Leave no one living enemy. End with all its facilities, ships and weapons. A classic game warplanes have to destroy all enemy planes and flying all their weapons through its territory. A version of the classic 1942 military aircraft in war from the air.

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Air defense

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