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Barbie in the fashion catwalk

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Barbie in the fashion catwalk

Barbie in the fashion catwalk Rating: 4/10

Barbie in the fashion catwalk game

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Like fashion? Would you like parading on a catwalk as a model? In this free online game you can help Barbie to dress for the catwalk. You can select many clothes for Barbie. First, you can select the style you want, and within different styles to choose from, there are dresses, hats, shoes, skirts, pants, and much more! Then, when you select one, you have many colors and types of fabric. Once you've customized your full model, Barbie is ready to hit the catwalk.

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Played 23382 times
Barbie in the fashion catwalk

This online game comes to fashion and Barbie, so it is primarily aimed at girls. However, anyone who likes fashion can play too, because there are so many types of clothing, which can be infinite combinations. For lovers of fashion dolls and Barbie. It is a game where you have to choose clothing and fashion clothing for the doll has to go parading on a catwalk at a fashion clothes. Fashion is a big business and our friend is a famous model who has to go out and teach the wardrobe of clothing that you have chosen for it and have to make sure it goes very well dressed.

What is this game about? This is a free game called Barbie in the fashion catwalk for your browser without having to download or install anything, it is completely reliable. On this website you will be able to play for free this Girly flash game called Barbie in the fashion catwalk. And remember this is a free game called Barbie in the fashion catwalk and it is related to Girly. Our new game Barbie in the fashion catwalk is one of the best games of Girly you can find and you can share it with your friends and contacts on the social networks. This is an online game and video game called Barbie in the fashion catwalk that we invite you to play, enjoy and learn about it as well as to share in the comments and with your friends on the social networks.

Barbie in the fashion catwalk

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