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Space helicopter

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Space helicopter game

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This free online game is a classic side-scroller shooting game. The screen will keep on scrolling from right to left so that it looks like you keep on advancing, but when you move the spaceship it will only move from within the area given by the game that you can see. Enemies will come from the right and will advance at the same speed that the background will. They will all shoot at you, so think your actions very well and very quickly before you perform them. Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the space helicopter, the A key to shoot, the S key will use the shield (although it will only be effective for a couple of seconds), the D key will use your EMP and the P key pauses the game. Dodge or use the shield to absorb enemy bullets. Every enemy bullet absorbed is added to your EMP meter, and when your EMP meter is full, you can press the D key to discharge it and it will destroy all of the enemies on screen. When your health bar is fully depleted, the game will end.

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Played 7603 times
Space Helicopter

Use the arrow keys to control your ship's movement on the screen. Enemies will appear at the right side of the screen. You can either dodge their shots, or activate your shield and absorb their shots. As you absorb enemy shots, your EMP charge level will increase. When your EMP is full, you can hit the D key to fire the EMP and destroy all the enemies on the screen! The game also allows you to hold down the A key to fire automatically. Try to quickly blow gaps in the enemy line, then when they all fire there will be corresponding gaps in their shots where you can take cover. Your shield is short-lived, but the only way to charge your EMP weapon... so use it carefully! Collect power-up boxes to improve your firepower! They are sort of yellow squares with a gun drawn on them. Watch out for power-ups drifting through space as they are key to advancing in later levels! Try one of the later levels without upgrading, and see what happens!

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Space Helicopter

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