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Pilot of War Helicopter

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Pilot of war helicopter

Pilot of War Helicopter Rating: 7/10

Pilot of war helicopter game

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In this free online game your goal is to try to reach your home base while shooting down as many enemy forces as you can. The enemies that you shoot down will leave powerups that can be collected to enhance your helicopter. The screen play will keep scrolling from right to left, and you will be able to move the helicopter anywhere around this area. To do so, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Also, you will have two types of weapons, a primary one and a secondary one. The primary one is mainly machine guns, and the secondary ones are explosives, mines, missiles and sorts of weapons like that. To fire the primary weapon, use the space bar. And to fire the secondary weapon, use the Control key. Good luck, soldier!

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Played 7827 times
Pilot of War Helicopter

There are lots of weapons available in the game that you will be able to discover and try to find out their effects. From homing missiles to air mines, you will have a whole arsenal of weapons in a helicopter. The helicopters that are used in this game are military helicopters, which are helicopters that are either specifically built or converted for use by military forces. Since this is a war game, the helicopters in it are military ones. More specifically, they are armed with weapons for attacking ground targets. There are also other types that can have other purposes, such as transport or medical evacuation, thanks to its capability of landing practically anywhere, even on water.

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Pilot of War Helicopter

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