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Searching the Number Pi

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Searching the number pi

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Searching the number pi game

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Know the Number Pi? In this game you have to tease out the numbers in each phase comprising the number Pi. The game gives you the origin of the number, which is always 3. It tells digit number until you have to get, this number appears in purple. You have to go from the first to the given number, following the actual digits of pi. Use the arrow keys to move between the numbers. To help give you the first issues of this figure: 3.14159265358979323846 ...

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Played 11926 times
Searching the Number Pi

The digits of Pi form the different stages of the game, and your job is to think that the way to the last digit in the best way possible. To do this, you use the arrow keys. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This number is widely used in mathematics and physics equations. It has a lot of decimals, in this game you'll have to move between these decimals. You have to go by a route from one number to another through others to not get out of the list of digits in this number.

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Searching the Number Pi

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