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Memory with simon

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Memory with simon game

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In this game, you have to play the memory game Simon. Simon is an electronic memory game that became a pop culture symbol of the eighties. In a circle with four colors, one light in an order, while tone sounds associated with each color. The game offers an order and then when your turn comes you have to play the sounds and colors in the same order. Exercise your memory by remembering where you were on the colored lights and the sounds sounded.

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Played 8943 times
Memory with Simon

Simon is a memory game very famous in the eighties. Pop culture symbol of the eighties, was one of the first electronic games of all time. A very simple operation. The play illuminates a series of lights in one order at a time. While the lights come on the game beeps, always the same sound with every color. So you make the job of remembering the order. When it is your turn you have to play in the same order each color with its appropriate sound. A good way to exercise your memory with this classic game.

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Memory with Simon

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