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War of starships

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War of starships

War of starships Rating: 5/10

War of starships game

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UFO Destroy all enemies. Shoot all the alien UFOs that appear on the screen before they destroy you. You can play this game in single player mode or two player mode. If you play your own, use the arrows to move and the spacebar to shoot. In dual mode, a player must play with the WASD keys and the space bar and the other with arrows and the SHIFT key. Flying with your little ship within alien territory, full of dangerous UFOs shoot you with laser guns. You have to dodge all the shots from destroying your ship into space territory.

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Played 18580 times
War of starships

War of spaceships, UFOs all you will find are tasked to destroy. You have to dodge all attacks in the form of lasers and all kinds of weapons the aliens and will be used against you. Fly safe through space in your ship, watch and spy the enemies of humanity. To play starship games we offer a fun and addictive game to destroy UFOs and flying saucers in space. Shoot lightning and destroyed the ships that attack you. You have to hit several times in each UFO to destroy them, because they have a protective shield that makes it hard to kill.

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War of starships

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