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Dancing hip- hop

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Dancing hip- hop

Dancing hip- hop Rating: 4/10

Dancing hip- hop game

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A dance game in which you have to learn to dance hip-hop. You have to see the movements of the dancer. With numbers in the keyboard, mark the numbers representing the movements. When you have the combination writing press spacebar. Your dancer will make movements are the same and if you win. You have to do all the dance moves that make the model dancer. You have to be fast typing number combinations and earn more points.

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Played 7480 times
Dancing hip- hop

Dance game for fans of hip-hop. A music game in which you have to follow the movements of a dancer. With the keypad dial the numbers that represent the dance steps. Your dancer will perform movements that have to resemble the originals. Listen to music and watch the group of boys danced in the street. This street dance is famous in the world and has become very fashionable. Very agile and complicated gestures that require a lot of physical skill to be.

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Dancing hip- hop

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