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Mystery of a Ghost Town

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Mystery of a ghost town

Mystery of a Ghost Town Rating: 5/10

Mystery of a ghost town game

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In this free online game, you are being sent to investigate an old ghost town which has been named Echoes of the Past. This place was built by a religious cult back in the 70s. Some say that many strange and horrible events took place. There have also been several claims of tragedy and violence, none of which have had any substantial evidence to back them. It is your job to do a thorough investigation and see what you might uncover.

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Played 14978 times
Mystery of a Ghost Town

This is how we open the Mystery section of our web. Mystery fiction is a story in which someone, sometimes a real detective, investigates and solves a crime mystery. Although it is normally associated with crime, the term may refer to a completely different genre, where the focus is on supernatural or thriller mystery and the solution doesn't have to be logical, or even no crime is involved.

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Mystery of a Ghost Town

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