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Attack of the Penguins

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Attack of the penguins

Attack of the Penguins Rating: 9/10

Attack of the penguins game

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Penguins attack. It arrives in the form of an invasion wave of dozens of birds. You have to stop the attack. With a series of towers of defense and attack, build a road that penguins can not pass. You have to put the towers removed. There are towers that shoot lightning and other shots. Different types of defenses in order to stop the greatest possible number of birds. Place your equipment in the best position to stop the attack.

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Played 7406 times
Attack of the Penguins

Hundreds of birds are directed to your territory. You got to put your equipment on the road to follow. You have to do that none reaches its destination. Place arms in the way to stop as many as possible. Some towers are shooting rays and other automatic weapons fire faster or slower bullets. These birds are in rows, in small or large groups and aim to exceed all your defenses. The goal is to stop all the invaders and that none reaches the finish line.

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Attack of the Penguins

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