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Draw platforms game

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In this free online platform game you get to draw your own platforms, but you can not control your character. The character will move at different speeds, and all you can do is jump. The rest is up to you drawing the right platforms so that the character can make it through. Space bar is for jumping. Mouse drag is for generating platforms and go creating the universe in which the character has to move. You have to try to pass as many screens as possible. It is a very entertaining and addictive game.

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Played 7562 times
Draw Platforms

This platform game has a unique feature is that it is you who is creating the screens that the character has to go moving. Depends where you go and the game difficulty. A platform game characterized by requiring the player to jump to and from suspended platforms or obstacles in the air moving. In addition, they are also called jumping puzzles. The most common game is platform jumping action. A skip button is always necessary in this category of games. A platform video game is characterized by requiring the player to jump from and to suspended platforms or over obstacles. They are also called jumping puzzles. The most common element to platform games is the jump action. A jump button is always needed in this category of videogames.

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Draw Platforms

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