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Parkour Platformer

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Parkour platformer

Parkour Platformer Rating: 7/10

Parkour platformer game

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In this free online game, the objective is to open the door to each exit and exit each level as quickly as possible. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to jump, and the down arrow key to crouch. Combine these two to jump higher. To slide down a wall, move into it (if the wall is on the left, move left, and vice versa). If you fall short in a jump and grab onto a ledge, press up to pull yourself up. Hold Down Arrow, then release and quickly press Up Arrow. You will jump much higher.

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Played 6072 times
Parkour Platformer

You can wall jump between two walls if they are close together. Jump into one wall so you are sliding down it, then move in the opposite direction and jump into the other wall, going back and forth as many times as necessary to reach the top. While running, press down, then quickly release and press up, and you will jump much farther. Be careful, though, because if you are still holding the down arrow when you press the up arrow, you won't jump. While only huge falls will kill you immediately, medium falls will cause you to take damage, so try to only fall fairly short distances. Unless you're trying to set a high score, don't worry about the coins or the timer. You will still continue playing when the timer reaches zero, but you won't receive any points for that level, although you will still unlock the next level.

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Parkour Platformer

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