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Dress up Cinderella

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Dress up cinderella

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Dress up cinderella game

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Cinderella has been invited to a dance that the prince has organized and has to be the most elegant party. She is very excited and did not know what to wear. Help the princess to choose costumes. To do this, click on a garment and dragging the body of Cinderella. Starts with the crown or the tiara on her head and jewelry. Have different designs different dress style, elegant as you want it to go. Finish the set with good shoes for the costume.

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Played 22646 times
Dress up Cinderella

Fashion game Princess Cinderella the cartoon movie. You have to choose between all the princess dresses to attend an elegant dance at night. You must go to the palace of the prince and be the prettiest. If this is the prettiest of all the girls do the prince fall in love with her ​​again. There is a varied wardrobe clothes to choose the dress that will take you to the party. Fashion and elegance in this activity where you have to find a model of clothes between all the different colors and styles offered by this game. Clothing for a princess.

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Dress up Cinderella

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