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dress up Pucca for school

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dress up Pucca for school

Dress up Pucca for school Rating: 6/10

dress up Pucca for school game

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In this game, you have to dress up Pucca for going to school. In her closet she has different uniforms, coats and hair bands that you can combine as you like. You can dress in clothes of different colors like pink, yellow, red, green and blue. To dress, you have to click the clothes that you like and drag it to the silhouette of the girl. Pucca is a female child character fiction television series cartoon of the same name. Enjoy with Pucca dressing this funny girl with different outfits and become your personal designer.

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Played 11540 times
dress up Pucca for school

Pucca originally emerged as image for the Vooz company, which was engaged in electronic postcards. When this character with South Korean origin achieved great success, the animated series Pucca was created. It first aired in September 2006 on Jetix and Disney XD chain. In this game appears with a childlike appearance, with a uniform to school in different colors like green, red, pink, yellow or blue.

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dress up Pucca for school

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