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Robot terminator

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Robot terminator game

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Robots can be used as weapons in the war. In this game of military robots you ride a big robot invading enemy territory. Control movements with the arrow keys on the keyboard. With the mouse click to shoot. If you keep the button pressed trigger energy is concentrated and is much more intense and more destructive power. Our robot straight out of the movie Terminator. Destroy all enemy soldiers and weapons. Get collect all the energy balls as you can during the mission and destroy the enemy base.

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Played 8350 times
Robot Terminator

War game in which a large walking robot enemy territory. You have to control this great weapon to kill it passes screens full of soldiers, weapons and dangers. You have to destroy everything you encounter. Collect extra points and rewards the game offers in the form of balls of light shining in the sky. If you zoom these are adsorbed. Control is by means of the arrow keys on the keyboard, you can jump with the up arrow. An ultimate weapon reminiscent of the monsters that appear in the movie Terminator.

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Robot Terminator

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