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Aiming to shoot

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Aiming to shoot game

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In this free online game, the objective of the game is to kill as many enemies as possible and to do so with style. Points are awarded for killing enemies, and depending on how you kill them, you will be awarded additional points. For every kill you will receive points depending on how the enemy was terminated. Bonuses can often be combined to yield a higher score. There are also many bonuses awarded for completing certain tasks. You are only allowed to carry 2 weapons at a time as well as your lead pipe. If you have any fewer weapons, any that you walk over will be automatically added to your inventory. Also, if a weapon is allowed to be a dual wielded, you'll automatically pick up its companion weapon. To move left and right, press the A and D keys, respectively. To jump, press the W key. To duck or take cover, press the S key. To run, press and hold the Shift key. To shoot your gun, use the left mouse button. To change weapon, use the E key, or if you have one, use the mouse wheel. To reload, use the R key. To throw or exchange one weapon, press the Space bar. To switch to melee, press the Q key or click with the mouse wheel, if you have one. To grab or execute, press the F key. To pause, press the P key. If you do not like the way that keys are mapped, you can remap them at any time in the Options menu and Pause menu.

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Played 7762 times
Aiming to shoot

Here are some moves and actions you can perform with your character. Front flips or back flips are performed when double jumping depending on which direction you are moving. Front flips and back flips are a great evasive maneuver because it makes it more difficult for enemies to track you, and reduces your target profile. A ground stomp is performed when double-tapping the S key after jumping once. Enemies can be stomped on to do damage. To take cover, press the S key when close to a wall to take cover against it. Ducking also reduces your target profile, and being against a wall improves your odds of not getting hit even more. If you press the space bar to discard the weapon you are holding, it can also be used to hit enemies as well. And finally, you can execute enemies after grabbing them. When an enemy has been stunned (for example, when shot and taken damage) you will have a brief amount of time to press the F key. When you have successfully grabbed an enemy, you can then press the grab key again to execute them. The good thing is you will not be able to be hit by other enemies when you are performing an execution.

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Aiming to shoot

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