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Detonate Bombs in the Air

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Detonate bombs in the air

Detonate Bombs in the Air Rating: 9/10

Detonate bombs in the air game

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This free online game is about speed and ability. You will only need your mouse to play. There will be some sort of helicopter thing that will keep on dropping bombs. There are different types of bombs. The white ones can be detonated by just clicking on them, but the black bombs have to be mixed with other black bombs for them to detonate. Find out what the rest of bombs can do. Collect all the powerups you can. They will help you by slowing down time, setting up a shield, and much more!

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Played 6256 times
Detonate Bombs in the Air

The objective of this free online game is to detonate the bombs before they reach the city below. Drag one black bomb into another to detonate them both. Click a white bomb to detonate it. Drag a red bomb into the thing throwing the bombs to hurt it. Click any powerups you see, because they're very helpful. The cheap way to do well in this game is to keep clicking the enemy so that the bombs will immediately detonate. However, if you want to feel like you've actually accomplished something, do it the right way.

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Detonate Bombs in the Air

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