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Sonic Blox game

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Tetris game with Sonic characters and a scenario Sonic game. Move the pieces to the side with the arrow keys and turn the piece with the up arrow button. If you click the down arrow, the tab drops down. A simple game, very addictive that will test your spatial vision. There's a spaceship appears and throws bombs that destroys one of your blocks, you can mess up a line to remove a block. The chips fall one by one like in the classic game, and you always have to do the lines.

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Played 51403 times
Sonic Blox

Like Sonic game? Like the game of Tetris? Here's a mix of both games to have a good time. The tabs are appearing in the top of the screen and you have to irlas turning to them in the position that interests you so that when you get down to occupy all the gaps. When a line forms compact, without gaps, it disappears. You have to try to keep the screen as empty as possible. You win the game if you keep the empty screen for as long as possible. Beware spacecraft fired missiles that will destroy your rows of blocks.

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Sonic Blox

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