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Gravitational Pull

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Gravitational pull

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Gravitational pull game

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In this free online game, you will pilot a ship with the arrow keys. While thrusting, you may also activate afterburners with the Shift key to give you a boost in acceleration. Should you need to relaunch, use the emergency beacon (or the space bar). Your mission is simple; rescue all lost astronauts. You will find them floating around in deep space. Unfortunately, your ship consumes a lot of fuel, so be sure to pick up all the fuel tanks floating around up there. There are many planetary bodies floating around out there, so be careful not to get attracted to them. Some are bigger than others and therefore have a more massive gravitational pull. Use the gravity to your advantage.

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Played 7869 times
Gravitational Pull

In this free online game you will be piloting one of the finest ships of the fleet. She's a trustworthy ship, so long as you don't mind a few dents here and there. Don't forget about the alien planets in a few of the sectors. They are our enemies and sometimes leave mines lying around. Aside from that, you are on your own. Keep your tanks topped and don't fall in a black hole! The physics in this game are difficult to master, so practice until you get the hang of it. Watch your fuel and oxygen levels, and don't let them get too low. There is a minimap in the bottom right corner of the screen that displays your location and the locations of the astronauts. Don't stray too far off of the screen, or you won't have enough fuel or oxygen to get back.

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Gravitational Pull

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