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Space missions game

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This is a free online game in which you will have to shoot through waves of enemies with your myriad of weapons and survive to the end and fight massive bosses to clear the various areas. One of the key mechanics of this game is the use of your shield. Precise timing and manuvering to make the best use of it are necessaray to survive the onslaught of bullets you'll encounter. Shields are also divided into two distinct categories: Absorb and Reflect. Destroying enemies earns you EXP, and over time will level your character up. When you level up you gain more ATP (Attack Power) and HP (Health Points). This will allow you to take on tougher and tougher enemies with greater ease.

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Played 6901 times
Space Missions

This free online game requires you to not only be swift and dodge waves of enemy bullets but also requires you to dive headfirst into them! Survival is key, use everything at your disposal to ensure that. Absorb shields are used to collect the energy from enemy bullets and store them in your ship. The amount of energy is displayed in your EMP meter at the top-left of the screen. When the EMP meter is full you can detonate it by pressing the 'D' key. It will send out a devestating electromagnetic wave that damages all enemies on screen. It has the added benifit of making all enemy bullets on screen disappear. Proper planning and use can make absorb shields and their EMP counterpart invaluable. Reflect shields differ greatly from Absorb shields. They do not have an EMP function, however they tend remain activated much longer than Absorb shields and have immediate offensive capabilities. Reflect shields will bounce enemy bullets back at them and do immediate damage without having to wait for meters to fill up.

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Space Missions

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