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Let No One Cross the Portal

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Let no one cross the portal

Let No One Cross the Portal Rating: 8/10

Let no one cross the portal game

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In this free online game you have to prevent the waves of shadow creeps from getting from one portal to the other. To do so, you will have to build sentry guns, set floor traps, and arm yourself strategically to survive 70 waves of enemies. Be prepared; every 10 waves a boss will appear. They will move very slowly, but will have a lot of health, and will also take off 5 health points from your portal instead of 1, like the rest of the creeps. Use the A and D keys to move. You will be able to jump with the W key. Change weapons with the E key (by default, you have no weapon selected), and reload them with the R key. Aim with your mouse, and click your left mouse button to shoot.

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Played 6738 times
Let No One Cross the Portal

Clicking on the various floor panels and sentry mounts will bring up menus to build and upgrade your equipment. You can also click on your own character and arm him with various weapons to help defend against the oncoming enemies. Flying enemies cannot be harmed by floor panels. Don't get caught without sentries when they show up! Try different combinations of weapons and traps. Place them strategically to do the most damage. Killing enemies sooner yields more money. The Acid weapons do Damage Over Time. Increase the duration to make it do damage for a longer time.

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Let No One Cross the Portal

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