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”Risk” with dices

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”risk” with dices

”Risk” with dices Rating: 8/10

”risk” with dices game

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Do you like the board game ”Risk”? In which you have to conquer with your armies the countries with the luck of the dices. Here is a map with countries and you must conquer each of the territories with your troops. Select the number of players to start. Click on your armies and in the neighboring territory you want to invade, strip the data and luck. If your numbers are higher gain and conquer the territory. In each game there are attacks and invasions. The objective of the game is to fill all the territories and make a great empire.

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Played 7619 times
”Risk” with dices

Game of war and conquest in which you must occupy all the territories surrounding your country. Roll the dice to get a high score and beat your neighbors, so you can win the game. Conquers all countries on the map to win. The data and color map will indicate who the player. You have to have a superior army to attack a neighboring territory. use strategy to encircle it with your troops to conquer countries and want to grow your empire.

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”Risk” with dices

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