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Superman in Action

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Superman in Action

Superman in Action Rating: 6/10

Superman in Action game

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In this game, you have to choose a partner among these (Pen-Jake, Light-L, Batman and Superman, House-Wilson, Will-Carltoon, Conan-Max, Tyler, Jack Stewart-Colbert) to attack your enemies and find an object that the computer tells you. You use the left / right arrows to move, up arrow to jump, down arrow to crouch, the letter S to drill, the letter A to kick and D to exchange letters. Raisins level when you kill your enemies and you lose the game when one of the partners is dead.

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Played 14804 times
Superman in Action

You have to fight the enemies, you must kill all who try to attack. To start the game you have to pick a couple of actors and you have many options, from Superman to other characters as the actors of the TV series. You control both players and you have to hit the enemies that appear. You have to try to remove them or they will remove you. You have to kick them until tumbes. If one of the players runs out of energy can change player and so stay in the game. A world of squares, like the old games, but fun.

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Superman in Action

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