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Cafe waitress

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Cafe waitress game

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Serves customers in a café. In this free online game you control a waitress in a cafe. You must attend and serve all customers without taking too. Customers come to your cafe and sit in the empty tables, so they do themselves. Notes when they call you to the table and says everything you ask. Pass the order to the cook to prepare dishes such as hot dogs, pizza, salads, steaks and drinks such as coffee or soda. Serve quickly all customers of the cafe to keep them happy and coming back.

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Played 20990 times
Cafe Waitress

Game of waiting tables in a cafeteria. In the game you control a waitress who has to serve customers at all times. Bring order to the kitchen, where the cook prepares. The leave on the counter for you to pick up each dish and take it to the corresponding table. You must prepare drinks, beverage cans taking automatic machines. Customers come and go and you will have to instruct them to all the food and drink they ordered without having to wait. A good customer service so you are happy and earn more money.

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Cafe Waitress

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