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War Tank with no Reinforcements

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War tank with no reinforcements

War Tank with no Reinforcements Rating: 8/10

War tank with no reinforcements game

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Welcome to this free online tank game. In this game you have civilian lives in y our hands. A large enemy was spotted attacking the inhabitants of a small rural town south of your location. They desperately need you to help get those civilians to safety. The main objective of the game's Story Mode, is to follow the campaign while unlicking special power-ups that can also be used in Survival Mode. Survival Mode puts you in the middle of a battle, challenging you against an infinite number of foes. Use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive your tank. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot your current weapon. Use the number keys to select the power-ups that you collect. Num-pad keys work as well. Press 0 to revert to the default weapon. How long can you survive?

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Played 8275 times
War Tank with no Reinforcements

Play this free online game and drive your heavily armored tank through the streets shooting down hostile forces. Get upgrades and power-ups and see if they help you through to the bitter end. Because there are no more reinforcements, you are the only hope they have. Aim using your mouse and use the WASD keys to move your tank. You can change the weapon that you are using with the number keys. You can either play a story mode, where you go through a series of stages, or play a survival mode, in which you just have to shoot until you are unable to hold on any longer. The way you drive the tank is tricky, because it does not drive like a regular four-wheeled vehicle, in which you have to accelerate as you steer in order to turn. A tank allows you to turn sideways without having to move from the spot it is in (which is what the A and D keys do). The W and S keys just move the tank forwards or backwards.

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War Tank with no Reinforcements

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