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Scarecrow murderer

Scarecrow Murderer Rating: 7/10

Scarecrow murderer game

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In this free online game you will play as a very angry scarecrow. Your goal is to seek revenge against all of the farmers and destroy them all... but avoid them destroying you! The farmers carry shotguns, but shoot very slow projectiles that you can avoid by jumping or dodging them. To walk, use the left and right arrow keys. The up and down keys will allow you to aim your gun upwards or downwards, respectively. Press the A key to shoot, and remember where you are pointing your gun. You can also fire while you jump. To jump, press the S key. To go down, press the S key and the down arrow key. Collect any power-ups you see, because you won't get very far without them. Use ducking and jumping in order to dodge attacks, and at the same time fire at enemies as much as possible.

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Played 8272 times
Scarecrow Murderer

Once upon a time, in a small country village, there was a lonely scarecrow called Little Jack. He spent his days and nights alone on his stand, with the birds as his only companions. But one day, the farmer took a scarecrow girl there and stuck her into the ground beside him. And from the moment he saw her, Little Jack knew he would always love her... But destiny can be harsh. In the loveliest night, when children unwrap their gifts, miracles happen. The Christmas Spirit, astonished by the beauty of the scarecrow girl, turned her into a real human girl, the most beautiful one. The peasants decided to greet her with a celebration due to the happy event for everyone. Everyone... except for Little Jack, who loved her for what she was, and wants her back... At any cost!!

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Scarecrow Murderer

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