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Fashion for Mermaids

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Fashion for mermaids

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Fashion for mermaids game

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Mermaids are creatures living under the sea. So they can not wear clothes cloth as us. They have their own fashion. Today you have to make a mermaid costume. You have to choose what to bring, and what color is the tail. You must choose fashion accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets and jewelry. You can also choose the salon for her, with the haircut and hair color. It is a fun and different model, so you have to be very creative to make a special dress for her. Under the sea, there is fashion.

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Played 101897 times
Fashion for Mermaids

Mermaids are one of the mythological creatures most appreciated by children. They are half-human, half-fish. Underwater live in houses made of coral. The most famous are the girls, but there are also guys. Fish are friends and care for the environment of the seas. They are beings of stories and legends. The sailors on the ships they were very afraid. They like to swim to go to the sites. The siren is the most famous Disney movie. There are television shows and movies where mermaids out of the sea and go to the mainland to live with humans.

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Fashion for Mermaids

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