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Rocket launcher shark

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Rocket launcher shark game

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In this free online game, you will play as a human boy riding a shark. The objective of this game is to defeat the evil King Crab. Deep in the ocean, a long war between sharks and crabs is about to come to a climax. A magical shark named Bobbeh, with the help of his friend, a human boy, is out to clear the name of sharks. Together, they are about to prove that sharks are not evil, just hungry. It is the crabs who are the true evil masterminds. To do this they must confront the Giant King Crab, he will put up a fight, his last stand. Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the shark, and the A key to shoot. Hold it down for constant shooting. If you get bored of the introductions, you can skip them with the Control key. You will even be able to choose which level of difficulty to play on. Try the easy level, and if you get bored, try harder ones. You won't take damage if you touch the King Crab, so you can move around the whole screen to dodge attacks.

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Played 8142 times
Rocket Launcher Shark

How often do you get to see a boy riding a shark that shoots rockets, lasers, and mucho more? Not very often! Pray ocean dwellers that they succeed, so that we all may breathe free from the tyranny of the heathen crab overseers. Pray for the world. To arms! The attacks are the same in each difficulty level, but they do more damage on harder difficulties. Learn how to avoid the attacks in Easy mode before trying Medium or Hard mode. Avoid everything that the King Crab shoots, except for himself. You can move all over the area in which he is at.

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Rocket Launcher Shark

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