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This free online game is a hardcore action first person shooter game with classic gameplay and retro-modern pixel art where you have to fight the hordes of monsters coming at you in waves. The game features a fast 3D engine, gothic fantasy levels and a huge horde of enemies to fight. Survive as long as you can and beat the highscores. Use arrow keys or WASD to move, Z or Ctrl to shoot (or open a hidden door), Enter or Shift to turn around 180 degrees, Q and E to strafe left and right and Esc to pause the game. The controls are reconfigurable from the Options screen (from where you can also configure other stuff). When you start a new game, you start in a randomly selected map (currently there are three available). To finish the map you have to kill as many monsters as mentioned at the top-right corner of the screen. When the map is finished, a new map is loaded with more monsters to kill. The game begins with weak monsters but after a few turns you will encounter harder monster types.

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